Team Norway’s Energetic Future – Britain & Norway 2023

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We are happy to invite you once again to join us for an exceptional event that brings together the best of the business world at Team Norway´s Energetic Future - Britain & Norway Collaborating to deliver on the energy transition. 

This conference promises to be a remarkable platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and forging lasting partnerships between British and Norwegian companies. 

Here's what you can expect:

  • Engaging Keynotes, Case Studies, Presentations, and Panel Discussions
  • Trade Delegations and Business Connections
  • Interactive Workshops to enhance your business skills
  • Networking opportunities to connect with industry professionals
  • Local and Regional Opportunities on both shores

This event is your gateway to exploring business prospects, discovering market insights, and unlocking potential collaborations. Whether you're seeking new partnerships or looking to expand your network, this conference is not to be missed! 

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details. We can't wait to welcome you to this exciting event!

Further information and details on our event website here.


Whole System Thinking: 

  • Panel session exploring the holistic challenges of the Energy Transition

Clusters – Projects: 

  • This session focuses on clarifying the challenges in areas such as skills, finance, project assurance, and regulatory constraints, which will lead more quickly to relevant solutions.

Future Technologies and Approaches - Collaboration and Innovation:

  • This session focuses on understanding the progress of new technologies and case studies along with the associated funding and qualification challenges and opportunities which are key to accelerating deployment.

You can't just Build a Wind Farm:

  • This session focuses on hearing from experts detailing the issues linked to licencing, grid access, permitting, ports, skills and other energy generation opportunities, which will help unlock solutions to the chokes and constraints currently holding the sector back.