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Seminar: How to build a website tailored to your business needs

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Stop spending time and money on an overcomplicated and underutilised website. Start off right with a solution that is easy to set up and maintain for years to come.  

A business’s online presence is integral to its success. It can have a significant impact on brand awareness, audience engagement, and your communications, all of which impact revenue.  

We will show you how different industries can start with a small investment, and still find a solution tailored to their industry and brand.   


  • 17:30: Welcome from NCCUK & DKUK 

  • 17:45: Mikkel Dahl Novicell - Best practice for building a new website 

  • 18:10: Molly Flaherty, Novicell: Quick marketing wins for your business 

  • 18:30: Networking with lights refreshment and drinks 

What we’ll cover during the session: 

  • Best practice for building a new website 

  • How to ensure your solution is agile and able to keep up with trends 

  • Industry-specific case studies 

  • Quick marketing wins for your business 

What are the different pains we normally see: 

  • Difficult and complicated to update the website 

  • Need an agency/third party to update an image or simple text 

  • Outdated and slow website 

  • Risk of data breach due to lack of website security 

  • Not built for the government accessibility requirements 

  • Bad user experience 


Who is speaking: 

 Mikkel Dahl
Mikkel is a Business Development Manager with several years of experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Information Systems from Copenhagen Business School. Before moving to London, he has previously worked at the Copenhagen office in the commercial department. 

Molly Flaherty 
Molly is our Digital Marketing Executive, she moved to London in 2019 to attend graduate school where she studied both International Marketing and International Business. Her studies combined with her experience in social media management instilled her with a passion for all things social media.

 This seminar will be followed by light refreshments and drinks, so feel free to grab our team members for a chat.