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Breakfast Discussion: ‘Spin’ is Dead: Building long-term Reputation amidst short-term Chaos

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The ‘spin doctor’ was a ubiquitous character in the early 2000s, both in the worlds of politics and business, and no more so than in the UK. In fact and fiction, the media and the reputations of individuals and organisations they wrote about would be crafted and manipulated by the spin doctor’s dark arts and unsurpassable ‘contacts book’.  


But is the long-standing art of spin being seriously challenged by a changing media landscape and the UK’s political turmoil, geopolitical tensions and the economic outlook? 


We will discuss this and other topics at a breakfast event held by new NBCC member BOLDT Partners on 17th January. BOLDT’s partners, who have decades of experience in corporate and executive reputation, will cover: 


  • What’s changed in the ‘spin game’: for business leaders, building long-term reputation amidst current political and economic chaos and change isn’t easy 

  • How science - or at least data science - is beginning to play a greater part in successful communications strategy 

  • With the value of well-worn spin tactics fading fast, companies are beginning to use more scientific and analytical methods to manage reputation, rather than putting too much faith in intuition and communications ‘witchcraft’. 


BOLDT Partners is a new NBCC member with offices in London and Oslo that helps leaders with reputation strategy, business transformation and communicating change.  


The event will be held at 8.00am for an 8.30am start and will run for 60 minutes.  

Please note that this is a member-only event. If you are interested in becoming a member of NBCC, you can view the different memberships here.



Please note that this is a member-only event.